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Is your BMW lease from BMW of Sherman Oaks coming to an end? Leasing is designed to be one of the most convenient ways to drive a BMW vehicle, but it still helps to be prepared.

Take Advantage of the Pre-Inspection

Is the ‘normal wear and tear’ part of your lease suddenly all you can think about? We know drivers can be anxious when the end of their lease approaches because they want to ensure they avoid excessive wear and tear charges. We offer a complimentary pre-inspection appointment to help.

Schedule Repairs

If your inspection doesn’t go as planned, you still have time to make repairs. Minor dents and scratches are considered normal wear and tear, but anything more serious must be repaired. Likewise, if your interior has stains or rips, you’ll also need to have those fixed.

If you’re overdue for any routine service tasks (oil change, tire rotation, filter replacement, etc.), you’ll also want to have those completed. If your vehicle shows any signs of damage due to neglect, that will also be your responsibility.

Make a Return Appointment

When you feel your vehicle is ready to go, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to return your lease.

  • If you’re returning the vehicle, we’ll inspect it and determine any necessary repairs (which you’ll be invoiced for); make sure your car has everything it came with included (spare tire, manual, etc.), and you remove all your personal belongings.
  • If you’re buying the vehicle, you’ll still need to bring it in; from there, we’ll guide you through the purchase process.

Have Questions?

We want this process to be as smooth as possible. If you have questions, contact us at BMW of Sherman Oaks – we’re happy to help!

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