Leasing a car has advantages, but it isn’t always the best idea. Depending on your specific commuting needs, it may be better to buy a new BMW car. Learn the situations where purchasing is the better scenario over leasing.

You Plan to Drive Your Car a Lot

Leasing comes with mileage limits. While the limit varies depending on the contract, most lease contracts have annual limits between 5,000 and 12,000 miles. While you can opt for a high-mileage contract, this will cost extra. Leasing may not be the best idea if you suspect you may exceed the limit.

Your Car Is at Risk of Surface-Level Damage

Do any of these scenarios often pertain to you?

  • You eat in your car
  • You travel with young children
  • You travel with a pet without a crate
  • You park in a crowded parking lot 

These scenarios put your car at risk of sustaining cosmetic damage, such as dents and upholstery stains. If you lease a vehicle, you’re technically renting it. As such, you’ll incur penalty fees for damages.

You Want an Additional Asset

Leasing is also not a good idea if you wish to have a possession that can accrue equity, much like a house. If you own the car, it becomes an asset. You can, for example, sell it at a later point for a monetary return. Like an apartment, you’re renting the car by leasing it, meaning no equity for the monthly payment you put in.

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