Car owners can take care of some car maintenance tasks and are encouraged to do them themselves. This includes checking the tire air pressure and oil levels, for example. However, a certified technician should complete most BMW repairs and maintenance. These are just a few common items that should always be completed at the dealership.

Suspension Adjustment

The suspension consists of an intricate network of parts, such as the shocks, struts, axle, and more. Replacing or adjusting any of these parts requires raising the vehicle. Doing this out of the garage puts you at risk of crushing your hand or leg if the jack comes loose.

Timing Belt Replacement

Though you may be able to get a new timing belt at a local auto shop, you should never try to remove the existing belt to put in the new one. The process requires disassembling a part of the engine block. A single misstep can lead to long-term engine damage.

Radiator Repair

Without the radiator, the engine will quickly overheat. You should never attempt to repair the radiator. A common mistake among DIYers is that they don’t properly secure the radiator to the hoses connecting to the engine. As a result, the engine quickly overheats, and the car now requires an expensive engine rebuild.

Head Gasket Repair

The head gasket seals in the internal combustion process. It also prevents the oil and coolant from mixing. Improper repair of a blown head gasket can lead to severe and possibly irreparable engine damage.

BMW of Sherman Oaks performs maintenance on all BMW vehicles, including beloved models like the BMW 3 series. Don’t risk further damage, or endangering your warranty, with a DIY job that could go completely wrong. Always leave repairs to the pros!

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